I have come across Renard agency and Titus many years ago while working at the Dorchester Hotel on Park lane. They were always helpful and willing to accommodate any last minutes request that came our way. When I moved work over 2 years ago, I found out that my new company is using Renard as well, so that was very helpful in new role as I knew that I can always receive all support from them when needed. I highly recommend Renard as service staff that they provide is of high quality, account managers super helpful and the prices are competitive. Darko Travica Deputy Events Manager Ham Yard Hotel

Darko Travica

Ham Yard Hotel - Deputy Events Manager

“I have been using Renard regularly for about 6 months after using a previous agency. I have found with Renard you can contact somebody at any time and you get a quick response, this has helped me and my Sous Chef a great deal when a member of the team has called in sick early in the morning. Being able to contact someone has helped minimize the time it takes to get the agency staff to us previously sometimes I had to wait until 10.30am before they had arrived. Over the past 6 months me and my Sous chef have built up a good relationship with Nicola she understands the standard of staff we expect and nine times out of ten delivers this but on the odd occasion when we have not been happy she deals with the issues and sends somebody else instead. On personal experience I have notice the quality for agency staff from Renard is of a much higher standard than the previous agency I was using especially at late notice.”

Mark Craber

J. Walter Thompson London - Head Chef

“I appreciate the work of Renard Resources supplying BDP with casual kitchen porters and chefs. I repeatedly booked the same people and there has never been a problem getting them even on a short notice. Renard Resources seems to have a good stock of staff available to cover for any events and happenings. When I was not satisfied with a kitchen porter once, they were able to replace him the following day. That secured a smooth running operation at BDP. I wish Renard Resources all the best with their business and look forward to keep working with them in future.”

Hanke Fischer

BDP - Chef Manager

“Having been with H & J for 19 months I believe I am in a good position to offer an un-biased opinion on Renard resources and the service that they give to us on a regular basis. I think we have an excellent working relationship with Nicola and the team, we more often than not unintentionally spring rather a lot of last minute bookings on them which I have to say, they always go beyond to fill. I use them in the Writs restaurant for Kitchen Porters and Junior Chef positions and in general I can say the calibre of staff we are sent is good, on occasions we have issue with English speaking staff, I know full well they will always endeavour to supply English speakers, it is generally when we issue a last minute request and we are always informed and offered the choice of a yes or no, which I think is admirable given they could potentially lose the booking. Very happy to have Renard on board.”

Al Eggleston

Ashurst – London - Executive Head chef

“We moved to Renard for our FOH staff and have not looked back, their service is second to none – they go out of their way to ensure we get staff who know the site and are suitable for this environment. On the rare occasion we have an issue, they are always extremely quick to respond and resolve. One thing which sets them above the rest is the fact they offer us ‘free trials’ for their new staff, we then we report feedback back on how they got on.”

Mike Waddingham

J. Walter Thompson London - Office Services & Comm General Manager

“Renard provide us from time to time with staff. The staff they send are well presented and turn up on time. We have never had any issues or problems using Renard or their staff and I would recommend them to others in the industry. They display great professionalism in the way they deal with us, they communicate very well with us and are punctual in there invoicing”

James Bardell

Selfridges Group - General Manager

“I have found Renard very helpful during the 2 years I have been at CMS. They always get me the best staff possible which really helps. Every Friday I now get the timesheets filled in, I check & send them back, this saves my team & the agency person valuable time. They are always available to help & a very friendly bunch”

Jason Church

CMS - Executive Chef

“I have used Renard Resources for a few years now with H&J. I have never been let down by the service or the quality of person sent to me to work. I have had some long time bookings with you guys which I still use now. Mainly Ola the KP. A fantastic addition to our team in our time of need. Renard's have not let me down in my time with H&J. Most reliable and consistent. ”

Matt Catterall

Financial Times - Head Chef

I’d just like to mention how great it’s been working with Renards for the past six years. I’ve been using your services and staff continuously here at Lewis Silkin for the last two years and prior to that I’ve used you before within other sites. You are always great at sending out last minute staff for both the back of house & front of house. If we’ve ever had a problem with a staff member you’ve sent us then you’ve always managed to sort this out straight away for us. Also, if we’ve requested to have a certain person back on site, Renards always goes out of their way to try and make this possible. Thank you very much for working with me over the last few years and looking forward to working with you for many years to come.

Jemimah Decker-Thomas

Lewis Silkin - Catering manager

“I have been using Renard Resources for the last two years whilst employed as the head chef at 41PP. The quality of staff have always been good, well turned out and punctual. Even when I’ve had to ask for last minute requests Nicola and the team are happy to help us out. I am more than happy with Renard and will continue to use them as my preferred Labour agency.”

Julian Moore

41 Portland Place - Head Chef

“We had used Evolve and Admiral when first opening the site but after a number of performance problems, lack of professionalism and client complaints about the standard of service, we decided to meet with Adrian and Nicola. We now use Renard for all agency staffing: staff restaurant cover, chefs, kitchen porters, hospitality servers and butlers for VIP events. They are better value for money, our head office contacts are polite, professional and happy to take feedback about the people sent to us and if there are any problems, Nicola, Adrian and Titus deal with them promptly. We especially get positive feedback about Gaeton, our go-to butler

Ruth Boult

The Royal Institute of International Affairs - Catering General Manager

“On behalf of Abbey road I would just like to say thank you for all the bookings you are able to sort out for us (last minute included). I know it’s hard to try & send us someone last minute at times but really appreciate you being able to do it. Thanks for all your help & look forward to working with you in the future”

Adam Cattel

Abbey Road Studios - Head Chef

I have always found Renard to be of great assistance. Prompt response time to queries, even at the weekend; timely staff, and always willing to ensure that our casual staff are of the best quality

Graeme Campbell

Dulwich College - Executive Chef

Renard has helped me with my many temporary staff needs even at short notice. Emma has always been proactive, kind and solution focused.

Nico Palumbo

Fidelity International - Head Chef

Renard is a very trustful and helpful agency. They are doing their best to make your work experience as good as possible. You get to work at 5 star venues and meet people from different countries and cultures. And it´s most likely that you get to meet high profile people like moviestars, writers and royalties. Renard is always flexible, which in turn, gives you a flexible living. It´s easy to sign up. Speak and understand English, answer a few questions about hospitality/catering and then smile for a photograph!


Renard - Temporary Front of House

My experience with Renard either through Erika and with Neil has always been excellent and extremely professional. Time frames are adhered to and feedback is taken well and reciprocated.

Debra Baker

Royal Autobomile Club - Senior HR Manager

Aladino's restaurant has been a client of Renard since 2015, and we are delighted to report that they are by far the favourite recruitment firm we have ever dealt with. Their service is impeccable and reasonably priced, and their outstanding candidates are a clear indication of how much effort they regularly put into vetting them. The breadth of skills and roles they cover is very impressive. Finally, their staff are always eager to help your business needs, as soon as you ask, and no request is too small or too difficult for them to accommodate. They make a special effort to understand your needs and fulfil them. Our partnership with them is set to continue growing stronger as our business expands.

Karim Abadir

Aladino's Restaurant - Owner

Totally recommend them. We normally use Renard to recruit our chefs, managers and waiters. They have the best professionals.

Maria Valero

Babbo Group Ltd - HR Manager

I have worked with Renard for several years and they have always been very helpful in booking staff at the last minute. The staff always look clean and smart and are always on time. This is the main reason why I have used the for so long.

Tony Kossykh-Bearman (Harbour and Jones)

Moet Hennessy - Catering Manager

After working with renard for a couple of years now, they take their time to know our business and as we have 11 bars each one is completely different and gemma has placed many successful candidates within our business, and nothing is ever too much for them

From Louise

Corney & Barrow - Development Chef

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