No matter what the salary or role, we recruit for positions at our clients request.We operate with teams of consultants who concentrate on sector based positions.

From this we are able to offer our clients the benefit of target specific recruitment. Each team is responsible for an area of the market, so when a client requires a candidate they have the confidence to know that the consultants they speak to, are specifically recruiting for their roles. Not only do our consultants live and breathe these positions, they also know exactly what the current trends and demands are within their market sector.

We recruit through a wide range of practices that mix modern and traditional styles of recruitment. Whether by internet advertising or simply word of mouth all our applicants CVs are appraised to see if they meet our stringent standards.

Once we have chosen an applicant we arrange a screening interview. Our protocol is to meet with the vast majority of our applicants on a face to face basis. However on the rare occasion we do not, we will conduct an in depth telephone/Skype interview.

At the initial interview we ask all our applicants to bring with them a passport as a form of ID. We ensure that no matter what nationality, we have all the relevant paperwork to ensure they are eligible to work in the UK.

In our interview process we not only assess the applicants working history, but their personality as well. It is often the case that the cv may fit, but the personality does not. Our recruitment process ensures that we look at the whole picture, rather than just what’s at the centre.

Permanent Division

Permanent Division

Through this approach we are able to offer you candidate-centred recruitment.

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Temporary Division

Temporary Divisions

We can offer you flexible hours, so you choose when you want to work.

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Renard Division

Renard Training

We hope to help people reach new opportunities and develop themselves

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