20 AUG, 18
When you think of the term ‘Five Star’ immediate visions pop up in your mind…deluxe exquisite rooms fully packed with pieces of art and furniture designed by award winning interior designers, butlers serving champagne breakfast on a silver tray in a queen size bed with finest silk sheets and dozens of goose feather pillows, all day long chauffeur services from one point to another wherever your heart desires, SPA’s that encourages you to meet and indulge all your five senses at the same time, extravagant dining experiences with meal cooked in front of your eyes by master chef using carefully selected highest quality ingredients made look more like a piece of art on a plate…and so on, so on…
However… it is not all greatest quality things that constitute the term ‘Five Star’. All these luxuries are experiences created by people, employees more precisely, which are following a specific set of behavioral standards to make these experiences personal and meaningful. The people characteristics and behavior whilst providing a certain service are the aspect which allows them to classify as ‘Five Star’.
The difference between five star and other hospitality establishment service is that in most cases, the staff knows what they are supposed to do, and they even have an idea about what great service is. In a 5 star establishment, excellence is demanded from everyone every day.
Some of the Five Star establishments such as Ritz Carlton, Singapore Airlines, Concorde, Burj-Al-Arab, they all have something in common – they all know that service is what guests remember, not the fancy surroundings (though they are not forgettable neither) and that in order to deliver the ultimate Five Star Service in customer day in and day out, it is really important to understand them first – what are their expectations; what is their perspective; what would make this interaction perfect for them? Five star service is more of a frame of mind aimed at the individual than a goal for the masses. It is not about being all things to all people; it is about being specific things to specific people.
Please see below the main components that constitute a highest levels of Five Star guest service experience:
  1. Guest is the priority No. 1.
  2. Impeccable customer service
  3. Making the guest feel special (personal attention)
  4. Resolving any issues immediately
  5. Go ‘above and beyond’ with any requests
  6. Try to provide a meaningful experience, not just a product
  7. Treats the customer as a human being, not just as a number (reservation)
  8. Remembers the customer preferences
  9. Provides what was promised
  10. Deliver the unexpected - Know your client well enough to anticipate their needs and deliver before they have the chance to ask, recognize their need
To consistently accomplish this remarkable feat, the lifeblood of a truly exceptional customer service must be great, pleasant, enthusiastic and thoughtful people. Personnel must be extremely professional, but also demonstrate intuitive and anticipatory service. They all are caring, gracious and have genuine interest in you as a guest.
Here is a list of most common qualities of an employee with a Five Star mindset:
  1. Be personable and attentive
  2. Genuine friendliness, smiles and personality
  3. Ability to read the guest accurately
  4. Anticipates the customer needs and have them available at all times
  5. Eager and consistent
  6. Guest-centred
  7. Pro-active, not re-active
  8. Approachable
  9. Calm, collected and professional demeanor at all times
  10. Personalized (but not intrusive), extra attention to the smallest details
Five stars is not an award, it is a declaration to your team that good is not good enough and only excellence will do.
The reality is, you don’t have to work in a 5-star establishment to have a 5-star mentality. 5-stars is about excellence and striving to be world-class in whatever you are doing – all the time. The true test of a 5-star establishment is not whether they can create a single memorable experience. It’s whether they can create memorable experiences repeatedly every day.
The bottom line: the key is to create a memorable experience which guests will want to repeat – and tell their friends, colleagues, and online review outlets about. You know great service when you find it; it feels brilliant and rare, but at the same time completely natural – the way things should be.

Linda Fridberga - Fridenberga - Recruitment Consultant  

20 AUG, 18
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