29 APR, 19
The perfect way to increase happiness, motivation and communication within a team.
Any successful business understands that their employees happiness is fundamental to long-term success.
Inevitably, the fast-pace working environment, with challenging tasks and tight deadlines, combined with a sedentary lifestyle due to long working hours, represent important stressors which negatively influence human resources. In this scenario, the urge for a break arises to recharge energies, reduce stress levels and reset unhealthy routines, where finding social time together can be tough.
During times of high stress our body produces the stress hormone, known as Cortisol, to give the body a natural energy boost. But the long-term activation of the stress-response system with an overexposure to cortisol, because of chronic stress, puts your body at increased risk of many health problems such as; depression, anxiety and sleep problems just to name a few.
Myo Fitness Retreat gives you the opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle, taking care of your teams wellness, re-connecting body mind and soul, while having fun and sharing a unique enriching experience, stimulating both personal and group growth. The team can de - stress with daily fitness, yoga & meditation, taking time to have fun together, or to relax by the beaches of Mallorca, guided by professional coaches.
The ‘connection’ is at the heart of the team building retreat we offer: it is an opportunity to take time to connect with the inner self and bond with colleagues, which help to create strong relationships and reduce the impact of negative emotions in the workplace.
A retreat can be an incredibly powerful way to enhance communication within the team, improving levels of cooperation and cohesion.
After sharing a unique, relaxed and exciting experience together, each member will have common stories and memories to laugh at for a long time, feeling a closer connection to the team.
Nonetheless, a retreat can provide time unavailable during day-to-day work to discuss things and the right moment to brainstorm together, facilitated by a relaxed enviroment, about the business and new ideas to work on when returning back to the office.
A MYO Fitness Retreat offers authentic and high quality experiences, combining adventure with lots of fun, fitness classes and yoga & meditation in exclusive locations.
Bring your team together with enriching excursions including paddlesurfing, hiking and cycling – in the beautiful setting of Palma de Mallorca, a gem of the Balearics.
Getting away from the office, as a team, will give your work force the chance to explore a new place, building together a new perspective.
Relax in luxury between activties using the chillout areas, stunning swimming pool and fun activities (table tennis, pool table, darts, trampoline), all encased in your incredible villa.
The team will have a chance to form relationships and a bond not possible in the heat of the daily tasks in the office.
Your staff will be revitalized, ready to come back to work, and excited to reach new goals.
A closer cohesion within the team will encourage individuals to support each other through challenging times.
A regular team building retreat creates a positive company culture, which is attractive for a great team: when employees are happy to be at work, they’re more likely to take ownership, work together to achieve goals and increase the engagement in the company.

Have a look at our next retreat https://fitclubmallorca.com/myo-fitness-retreat/
Palma de Mallorca, 23rd to 29th of June
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Lloyd Ellet - Founder & Coach 

29 APR, 19
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