07 DEC, 18
London's cafe culture is booming - thanks to a bit of Kiwi and Aussie ingenuity
While the high streets may well be crowded by all the European & American chains you'd never be caught dead in on the windy streets of Wellington, there's an entire colony of independent cafes making waves in the big smoke that have a distinctly southern flavour.
You may have noticed that London is rather densely populated with us Antipodean folk, and luckily for you we bring with us a penchant for great brunch and incredible coffee (and a reluctance to settle for anything less).
The South West is particularly blessed by our presence, with cafe mini-chains starting in the likes of Brickwood (Clapham, Balham, and Tooting), and you can't go past a long black from Federation in Brixton Village.
If you're already adequately caffeinated and its food you're after, Flotsam & Jetsam (Wandsworth) not only do an outstanding brunch but they even have New Zealand craft beers to wash it down; a little slice of heaven.
It's not just the London cafe scene we're heading, let's not forget the Kiwi legends who brought us Gourmet Burger Kitchen, branches of which can be found all over the country.
London is easily one of the best cities in the world to succeed in the hospitality industry, so it's no wonder we wanted to spread a little of our good taste here.

Carol Reid - Finance and Payroll Supervisor

07 DEC, 18
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