20 JUL, 20
We are starting off this week with the introduction of a magnificent chef and real gentleman: Head Chef Marco Sanna.
Marco has a distinguished background having worked with Michelin Star and 5 Star Operations. He has the ability to utilize all those gifts that mother nature gave him, transforming his cuisine into a real work of art. He has a noble heart and a thorough way to organise his kitchen and the business overall. He has a very calm and respectful, gentle way to deal with the most stressful circumstances maintaining very high standards, no matter what. He is now the Head Chef of Margot a stunning Italian Restaurant in Covent Garden, and he shared a bit of his time with us to talk about how he came to the person he is today. 

When did you realise you wanted to undertake your career as a chef? 

I’ve always been around food since my childhood. Born in a farmer’s family, we rarely went out to restaurants as my mom cooked every meal, with me and my sister always around learning something from her. In all honesty, in the beginning, I wanted to become an engineer, but since I had the opportunity to come to London and get to know all the different food cultures that this city offers, things have changed. I’m always curious and keen to learn and discover what this amazing sector offers.
Working at Harry’s Bar has definitely touched my heart and make me decide to do this job for the rest of my life.

What do you find the most difficult thing to manage / to work within the kitchen? 

Working in a kitchen can be a very unpredictable scenario, with many different challenges on a daily basis. As we stand, the most difficult task is recruiting good team members that last, people that are loyal and committed to do the sacrifice that it takes to become a chef and not a social media celebrity. They’re quite difficult to find. Unfortunately, we live in a very spoilt generation, many people want everything immediately, without effort and eventually get bored quickly, asking for more. Chef’s job is the opposite of that.

Marco, we have known each other for a good number of years now. You are an incredible person, capable to remain calm at all times even when the stress level is sky-high. You can work an enormous number of hours; your commitment is indeed second to none. What is your secret? How can you do it? 

I think there’s no secret to this, it’s just commitment and desire to thrive and learn every day. My family has always advised me that with hard work and sacrifice a lot can be achieved. The road will never be straight, with plenty of bumps and curves, but at some point, you get there.

What is the characteristic you believe a chef should have to be successful? 

We often tend to look at the final stages of people’s road to success without taking into consideration all the hard work that they did to get there. To be successful for me means to be professional and consistent, always fighting to deliver the best you can with the aim of doing better.

If you could send a message to your fellow colleagues out there, waiting to get back to work or currently job seeking because of the virus. What would you say? 

Unfortunately, we will face an unprecedented reality in the industry as a consequence of the virus. There will be normality again, a different one. Stay strong and be prepared to get used to different working models and habits. Don’t stop working with the quarantine, our brain needs to stay switched on, it’s a great opportunity to keep learning. I guess I’m not the only person wanting to go back to work as soon as possible but I need to stimulate myself in other ways, in order to stay positive and motivated all the time.

Erika Visentin Bonomo – Permanent Divisional Manager 

20 JUL, 20
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