07 DEC, 18

There has never been a better time to launch a career in hospitality. Luxury tourism is at an all-time high, the travel and tourism industry continues to grow steadily, and hospitality companies are constantly hiring new people to meet with customer demands. More than ever, the hospitality industry is seeing exciting developments in technology and customer experience, leading to more diverse and specialised employment opportunities.
Career options in hospitality cover a range of different sectors and develop a broad range of skills. Whether you want to work front-of-house involving a lot of customer interaction, as a Hotel General Manager, or back-of-house as a Chef, hospitality can get you there.
So with the industry growing exponentially, what is the reason you should choose a career in hospitality?  Here are 6 benefits and reasons why hospitality jobs make for great global careers.


1. Hospitality is one of the most secure industries

The hospitality and tourism industry brought £73 billion to our UK economy last year, and the UK currently employ around 1.9 million people (about 8% of the total working population). This continuous rise of available jobs is very positive, especially as now the rise of AI and automated roles are making many roles in other sectors more redundant. Thankfully, hospitality jobs are somewhat immune to this on a fundamental level. Whilst a job in hospitality can be aided by technology like using more efficient and modern software, it will never be replaced by it. This is because of the core principle of hospitality is human interaction. Managing and developing people, decision-making, planning or creative work, and interacting with customers, suppliers or stakeholders – all which are extremely hard to automate. Soft skills and people-facing roles are the heart of all hospitality jobs.


2. All skills are universal and transferable

Due to the fact that hospitality centres around providing a fantastic customer experience, hospitality jobs hone a skill set that is globally recognised and applicable to any business, in any part of the world. A hotel can provide an experience in everything from culinary arts to finance, human resources, project management and marketing, to purchasing, business management and entertainment. A degree in hospitality can be a big stepping stone into a strong industry sector, and it opens up the doors to other career transitions later on. Hospitality is already a highly diversified field, and the perfect opportunity to expand into many other fields.

3. Great working culture

High job turnover is always a worry for many companies. In order to reduce this, hospitality companies are doing everything they can to raise professional satisfaction in a job. This can include anything from changing uniform requirements, team-bonding activities and days off for special occasions. The effort towards employee satisfaction and creating this fun and positive work culture, means that you are more likely to stay for longer periods of time and therefore rise through the ranks quickly, and obtain larger salaries over time.

4. Significant opportunities for growth

Millennials are known to seek out jobs that will excite them. ‘Growth opportunity’ is one of the most important factors when choosing a role. With the worldwide travel comes a wealth of possibility and endless new contacts with which to network. Regardless of the path you see your career going down, networking and meeting new people is always going to be vital. People working in the fields of customer service and hospitality jobs, can encounter 3 times as many people on any given day than those in other industries, which provides a significant opportunity for career exploration and growth.
A lot of the large chain hotels or restaurants also offer graduate-management programmes, providing a fast-track to management positions and experience in a range of operations.


5. It makes you more employable

Having experience in hospitality makes other employers far more likely to consider any future job applications. That is because of refining what is known as ‘soft skills’ which encompass communication, humility, collaboration and interpersonal awareness. A person with a hospitality background is usually far more in demand than someone with even extensive technical ability.
Hospitality careers equip you with valuable life skills you can take with you to any industry, but you are especially attractive to the rapidly growing service sectors. A qualification and experience can teach you valuable life skills that you can take with you to almost any industry.


6. Perks of the job!

People who work in the field of hospitality often have exclusive access to the very best food, fine wines, and luxury accommodations that they may not otherwise get a chance to experience. With a career in hospitality, comes the ability to see the world. Many hospitality and luxury companies have properties on every continent, so their employees can transfer internally to work abroad. That means that travel isn’t just a possibility, it is encouraged and facilitated. By choosing a hospitality job, you are investing in a career that has endless possibilities.
All of these benefits might persuade you to kick-start your career in hospitality, as well as explaining why it is the chosen industry for a huge 212 million employees worldwide!
It is never to late to join this thriving industry, so apply for a job with us today and make the most of your skills and begin an exciting career!

Titus Gormley - Recruimtent Manager 


07 DEC, 18
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