24 FEB, 20
The world as we know it is changing. Parts that were once considered far too exotic and only a dream are now accessible and open for exploration to more and more people especially with families. 
If let’s say, you would have previously travelled to your closest and most convenient destination with “diluted” food options created specifically for tourists and didn’t care for what the country has to offer (as apparently children can’t live without frozen nuggets and chips). Now, you have families with young children that are far more adventurous and take extensive measures to travel as far as possible; experimenting with a variety of flavours and spices and many different cuisines and guess what… children love it! This new breed of traveller tends to seek authentic flavours and will now happily adapt to the local culture rather than the culture adapting to travellers.
If you mostly travelled in your twenties, you would have probably done it for purely pleasurable reasons (ie sun, sea and cheap drink). Later generations made a step forward to travel much further and specifically to experience new cultures and food, putting life of the working-class hero on hold. People travel in need to discover and bring back infusions of flavours and ideas to their native land to put them in use.
Infusions in food got more and more common in recent years. You would find the most unusual ingredients put together to spice up the taste world, brought back from various destinations. French-Indian, Italian-Thai, Caribbean-Japanese etc; previously unknown names/ ingredients and methods are now circling most kitchens -  Kiln is an excellent example. 
Creating something new from knowledge you’ve gathered traveling is just the way to show that the world has become easily reachable and is only a few clicks away! 
The connection with exotic flavours is growing, the interest in natural and simple ingredients is rising dramatically. The most successful chefs are now trying to take us back to their roots by showing the diversity of ingredients and the simplicity of presentation. We want to go and explore more, to gain a better understanding of food. Modern techniques and 10 movements to a plate can now, gladly, take a back seat.
We are not prehistoric hunter-gatherers who barely expanded their territory, guessing what dinner might look like that night with no questions raised. Beyond restaurants, we have the word at our fingertips… Just go to your local market, ask questions, taste and experiment!
We have phones for browsing, Instagram for visible evidence, word of mouth, or somebody’s house for dinner, food related entertainment programs and documentaries to show off our love affair with food, connecting all cultures across the world.
“The world is yours”, it’s on your doorstep and waiting for you to discover – no more excuses.

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Jason Sham - Senior Recruitment Consultant 

24 FEB, 20
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