Iconic names in the cocktail Industry


Have you ever found yourself wonder whilst making a drink or looking at a bar menu, who came up with this cocktail recipe, where it came from or even why do they have thrown the bottles around the bar so gamely? For me the catering industry is not just foundation for my work, but it is a keen ...



The place to be….. Hospitality!


There has never been a better time to launch a career in hospitality. Luxury tourism is at an all-time high, the travel and tourism industry continues to grow steadily, and hospitality companies are constantly hiring new people to meet with customer demands. More than ever, the hospitality industry ...



The Sound of Silence – Hospitality post-Brexit


With the steady thud of Brexit’s march towards us growing ever louder, the sound of silence emanating from Whitehall is becoming increasingly deafening. In particular, the lack of a clear message regarding the intra-European flow of labour is increasing anxiety amongst those attempting to ...



A dozen tips on how to be a successful recruitment consultant


The recruitment industry is thriving and has shown remarkable growth over the past few decades. Ranging from large global companies, to small boutique agencies and individual consultants, the current recruitment market is saturated. Predictions are the UK hospitality sector will be worth £100 ...



Cryptocurrency and Recruitment


Cryptocurrency is a new type of digital currency used to exchange agreed-upon values. It’s just like regular money, except it uses cryptography to secure transactions and control the creation of its units. Hundreds of different cryptocurrencies have been created in the recent years using ...



London – The Restaurant Capital Of The World?


London – The Restaurant Capital Of The World?   Over the last 50 years or so, London’s restaurant scene has evolved into one of the most diverse and dynamic on the planet. There has been an interesting cultural shift towards the attitude to our food, and the rise of the ...



Behind the scenes: working a VIP event at a five-star hotel


I’ve never had the chance to stay or attend an event at a five-star hotel but on Monday I was given the chance to work a VIP event at one of Renard’s five-star hotel clients and experience first-hand the amount of work and dedication that is involved in producing a five-star experience. ...



Entrepreneurial Spirit & Self-motivation


Entrepreneurial Spirit & Self-motivation   If you've just started on your quest to entrepreneurship, then you are probably finding it hard to set yourself tasks and goals without an employer or colleague supporting you. On the other hand, if you have been on this adventure for some ...



5 Star Standard


When you think of the term ‘Five Star’ immediate visions pop up in your mind…deluxe exquisite rooms fully packed with pieces of art and furniture designed by award winning interior designers, butlers serving champagne breakfast on a silver tray in a queen size bed with finest ...



Skills to be a Manager


People Management Skills The first skill focuses on your team. Your team consists of some great people, but they can get stressed and they have a lot to do. So, you must deal with conflicts and demotivation. This is where you must manage your people with emotional intelligence. You must adapt ...

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