Stand out and be noticed… For the right reasons


Stand out and be noticed… For the right reasons Having worked in recruitment for over a decade i’ve waded through a fair few CV’s in my time… and wow do you come across a wide range of offerings! So, what exactly is the right way of doing a CV? what are employers and ...



Guinness Porter ‘The Black Stuff’


Guinness  Porter  "The Black Stuff’ In 1759, at the age of 34, Arthur Guinness found an old dilapidated brewery, named St. James’s Gate Brewery, in the southwest of Dublin.  The brewery was only 4 acres in size and had little brewing equipment. Despite this, ...



Women in Hospitality Industry Leadership


The hospitality industry, not unlike other industries, historically has had a scarcity of influential women among its ranks - those who are turned to for leadership, for direction, for prudent input. As an examples, on a micro level, the ratio of male to female employees is still heavily skewed ...



The Job Hunt Starts (and Ends) with You


The Job Hunt Starts (and Ends) with You    It is a matter of fact: changing job isn't as easy as one would wish. It takes courage & time. Courage, because if you are dedicating your life to having a successful career, it will always prove difficult decide if it is time to move ...



Getting Hitched? Save yourself some cash and choose a good old Pub!


Getting Hitched? Save yourself some cash and choose a good old Pub!   Getting engaged for any couple will be an amazing point in their lives. They will be riding off the buzz of a life changing moment, having everyone they know congratulate them and more often than not throw a small ...



The best from Sardinia!


If you are looking for the best Sardinian wine, you’ll have to work hard. And it’s not because there’s a lack of them. Beyond the beauty of its coasts, Sardinia can count on an excellence in wine industry too. So, many famous and appreciated labels will make hard to ...



The Green Pound


The Green Pound Tapping into an emerging veggie market   Increasingly, within the restaurant industry, we are now operating in a more product-conscious consumer environment than ever before. A large segment of the customer base is more selective about what they want to eat; often these ...



How important is training in the Hospitality Industry?


As opposed to textbook knowledge, the hospitality industry is often seen as one that prefers on-the-job experience, and while that may be true to a certain extent, it’s also becoming very clear that formal training is also needed. Staff performance is one of the most important factors ...



2017 has been the year of the vegan


Twenty years ago you couldn't find anyone that even knew what the vegan diet was. Fast forward to 2017 and the vegan diet is the hottest global food trend, with it being a catalyst for corporate interest. What is Vegan?  In a nutshell, it is when someone does not eat or use any ...



A Day In The Ship Life


A Day In The Ship Life   Before starting out in recruitment, I worked in the hospitality industry for over ten years. One of my many jobs included working on board a luxury Cruise Ship as a waiter. When I talk to people about my time at sea I usually get the same comments. For example, ...

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Permanent Division

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