21 MAR, 16
Keeping the A-TEAM!
A common frustration with casual staffing is how to retain your key staff.
Of course it will never be forever, but are there ways we can help towards keeping those key members of staff? A decades worth of staffing experience has taught me some lessons at keeping your “A-team” interested.
First Impressions
Your first meeting with a candidate is crucial for forging a strong relationship, this is the first stepping stone to building a rapport which could prove to be priceless in retaining the individual later down the line.
It is important that as a consultant you take time to show a genuine interest in the candidate. Don’t treat them as a quick fix for your next event. Casual staff should be fully briefed about the company they are working for and its clients. Feeling they are an important part in the company’s future will create a sense of loyalty which is an essential tool.
The Interview is your opportunity to make sure you get the right candidate to represent your company. It is however equally important the individual has a chance to find out everything about you as a company. This should avoid the candidate becoming disillusioned further down the line and looking to move elsewhere.
The interview should be carried out face to face, you will generally be able to gauge most things about the candidate in the first few moments, not just their appearance but their level of motivation and enthusiasm, their commitment, punctuality and general energy levels. Generally you will know if the candidate is right for your company very quickly and in turn will hopefully mean they will want to work in your team for longer.

Utilise Strenghts / Recognition
It is very important when you have a good candidate to encourage and develop the person’s skill set and particular interests. If you can accurately match a candidates skills set and enthusiasm to a certain role you are highly likely to keep them interested in staying for longer. Furthermore a candidate is far more likely to want to stay with an agency if they receive regular feedback. Whether it be positive feedback or constructive criticisms keeping up individual communication with candidates it very important. With this they feel an important part of the team and any positive feedback will provoke a sense of pride which is never a bad thing!
Never underestimate the power of small rewards. Dependable staff should be offered perks such as first refusal for additional shifts, higher rates of pay where possible and the opportunity to achieve the highly sort after accolade of “Temp of the Month” (with a money voucher!)
Back to the Floor
As a consultant a useful way to really understand what is expected of your staff is to experience what they experience on a day to day basis. Working a shift allows you a vital insight into what is expected of your staff, this in turn gives you a better perspective and a more sympathetic view when dealing with your staff. This will arguably help when dealing with issues further down the line!

Titus Gormley - Recruitment Manager, Hospitality Division 
21 MAR, 16
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