19 MAY, 16
Make your CV stand out
When you are applying to get your perfect job the first step is to produce a CV that will impress recruiters, show them that you have the correct skills to fill the role and that you are a suitable candidate. What exactly does a recruitment consultant want to see and how should the information be presented?
Recruiters will look over your CV for relevant experience
Once a consultant has received your CV and opened it the first thing that they will do is spend an initial 10 or so seconds scanning it for relevant skills and knowledge that is applicable to the role. This is to make sure that your CV meets the requirements of the job specification before they will go on and read the whole CV. If it doesn’t met the requirements with this quick scan then it is likely that they will close your CV and move to the next one. So to make sure that your Cv passes this initial look and makes an instant impact be sure that your CV is set out so that it is easy to read, that the skills you have listed meet those specified. It is best to use a simple font and break up text, you should want to structure your CV so that your relevant skills are highlighted. Another tip would be to make sure that you put your most recent work experience first and work backwards, the most recent role is the most relevant in many cases.  
Your current role
The current role is by far the biggest gage of where you are currently at in your career and also what you are capable of. This is the thing that consultants will focus on when they make the first quick scan so it is important to include the following information for not just this role but all of your other ones as well.
The name of the company that you work for
Dates of service
Position within the organisation
Day to day responsibilities
The people that you interact with (Head Chef, General Manager, Suppliers, Customers)
Achievements in this position (Include promotions, training of staff etc.)
How you have developed since being in this role
It important to give as much information as possible to paint a picture of what you have achieved and this especially applies to I would say the three most recent positions held. Any older roles can be shortened down in a more precise manner.
Consultants are careful about who they put forward for their positions 
Consultants work extremely hard to produce and maintain very strong relationships with their clients and if they provide those clients with a candidate that doesn’t meet the level expected or doesn’t bother to turn up to the interview it can massively damage these relationships. Therefor it is very important that your CV is of a top standard as consultants will be careful about who they recommend. It is also vitally important to not apply for a role that you are not interested in as it will waste yours and the consultant’s time, if you don’t turn up to interview it can cause you problems in the future if that consultant suddenly picks up a role that you would love and you have previously messed them about. Make sure your CV doesn’t have any gaps in employment or poor formatting as it can be enough for the consultant to not consider you. Ensure the CV looks professional and has no mistakes and that you use the tips above, hopefully they will help you get your dream job.

Scott Bradley - Recruitment Consultant, Permanent Division 
19 MAY, 16
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