12 OCT, 15
One of the biggest challenges an aspiring Hospitality & Leisure Accountant faces at the start of their career is whether they should start and hopefully complete a recognised Accountancy & Finance qualification.
In many other sectors, particularly within listed or larger corporate organisations, one of the three recognised qualifications (ACA, ACCA, and CIMA) will be a minimum expectation for an application to be considered for a short list. It is generally accepted that the road to promotions, career development and the top jobs will make all the course work, study and cost as well as the loss of a social life worthwhile in the long term!
Over the last few years in the Hospitality & Leisure sector there has been a big shift towards companies engaging with candidates to develop their Accountancy & Finance careers either through organisations such as HOSPA or enrolling on AAT or one of the other three qualifications. 
With the offer of a study support package from the employer which includes time off during the working week to revise and study, the payback is that the candidate is more likely to stay with the employer for a longer time depending on the size of the business and internal roles and development.
There are many QBE (Qualified by Experience) Accountants in a large number of companies with a large percentage working in Hospitality & Leisure organisations. Listening and meeting many candidates that are considering or currently studying, there is the realisation that it can be a long journey with many challenges along the way.
With the job market and confidence increasing within many Hospitality & Leisure clients, there is a strong demand for candidates at all levels in the Finance function. Clients and potential employers within the Accountancy function will often decide on the hiring criteria based on personal experience and best fit for a business. For the candidate, it is ultimately down to your own choice, recommendation and commitment.

Ed Lathe Divisional Manager (Finance) at Renard Resources. 
12 OCT, 15
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