Make your CV stand out


Make your CV stand out   When you are applying to get your perfect job the first step is to produce a CV that will impress recruiters, show them that you have the correct skills to fill the role and that you are a suitable candidate. What exactly does a recruitment consultant want to ...



The Emotional Strings of Being a Working Mother


So on November 11th 2015 I embarked on what would be my biggest, toughest, most amazing adventure to date – Motherhood. My career in the hospitality industry started back when I was 14 years old as a glass collector in a reputable brassiere in Anglesey, North Wales. I then went on to be a ...



The Grill at The Dorchester


Restaurant Review – The Grill at The Dorchester Restaurant Information It was with much excitement that I and the managerial team arrived at the Dorchester for our lunch meal at The Grill Restaurant. It is not every day that you are invited to eat at one of the best restaurants in ...



Opening the door to amazing cuisine at affordable prices


London is home to some of the most distinguished and delicious restaurants in the world, and don’t we all want to sample the amazing cuisine on offer? But what about those of us who can’t afford to dine at the likes of the amazing Le Gavroche or Barrafina. BYOB or “bring your own ...



The evolution of a British tradition


There are few things more pleasing than the combination of good food and beer, both under the same roof’ Once upon a time, the British pub was typically intended as a frugal beer house, where Britons could enjoy a “pint” after work. Today, that concept is outdated, as ...



Generation Z keep on eating


Having worked and lived in London for several years, it has been fascinating to see how the Casual dining landscape has changed . The choice that we now have is so broad and varied, the loyalty that we used to attach to a few brands has altered forever.   With two children who are both ...



Keeping the A-TEAM!


Keeping the A-TEAM!   A common frustration with casual staffing is how to retain your key staff. Of course it will never be forever, but are there ways we can help towards keeping those key members of staff? A decades worth of staffing experience has taught me some lessons at keeping your ...



My ‘not so’ secret love affair


I was recently asked why I love Jamie Oliver so much……………….   For me it was an easy question to answer, it had started way back in 1999 when he was better known as the Naked Chef.  At this time i was doing my apprenticeship to become a chef ...



Word of Mouse – Social media and the impact on the hospitality industry.


Word of Mouse – Social media and the impact on the hospitality industry. Social media impacts almost every aspect of our lives. Which restaurant to go to, or what hotel to stay at used to be based largely on word of mouth, however this has all changed with the huge online presence ...



The joy of recruitment


It is a common assertion that recruiting for temporary staff poses a much less difficult task than finding candidates for permanent positions. It's only a pair of helping hands for a day or so, right? WRONG!    Every time a chef attends a shift they are representing you as a ...

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Permanent Division

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